Welcome To The Hit-list

This time, we won’t be trying to kill anyone. The purpose of this list is simply to provide a number of great things in an ordered format.

We will be looking to provide you with the very best in information and news from the web. Since the World Wide Web has turned into quite the fire hose of misinformation, we feel it’s important to filter out the bull sh^#*# and bring you the real.

Why do we feel like we need to do this, you might ask. Thank you, that is a really great question. Let me explain.

A lot of companies and organizations are trying to stop the spread of misinformation. In most cases they resort to some kind of sensor ship in the form of: “if we feel it’s wrong, it has to be wrong”. Or; if it goes against science or church, it must be wrong.

In our opinion, this is even worse than just letting it all run free. I will tell you why.

What is more dangerous than misinformation? Misinformation that is stamped with a “fact-check” or “approved by science” label. Now you are literally lost in the woods without even knowing it.

It is our mission to provide an alternative. An alternative that doesn’t stamp information with true or false. An alternative that stimulates the reader to think for themselves.

Because we are all born with the tools to discern truth from false. We don’t need a group of self-appointed people to tell us.